Mara: Activists raise alarm on land sale

It was just a few words from an online advert – a piece of land for sale near Maasai Mara, but it is a sign of things to come.

That the pristine open lands will soon give way to concrete and new hands, as it has happened in the rest of Maasailand.

The advert put up by Anne Njoroge was enough to send panic among Narok online activists.

“The land is along Maasai Mara road at Narok. It is approximately 42 km from Narok town and about 50 km to the game reserve. The prices are ranging from K.shs.100,000/-  to 150,000/- per acre. This is where the Greater Southern Bypass will pass. This is a long term investment for all interested parties.”

Mara land for sale

Mara land for sale


“Narok has started the land selling madness. Let’s wake up and stop it all costs,” said Sanja Pariken.

“This is a tragedy. Where are our leaders? Are they just watching the land change hands? You mean nothing can be done to stop this menace?” an alarmed Daniel Salau said.

“Our people are determined to self-destruct. Where is our voice in stopping this or at least buy it for our own development,” said Philip Parsitau.

A quick search online shows that locals along the Narok-Maaasai Mara road are actively selling land.

Group ranches like Oloolaimutia, Talek and Maji Moto that are undergoing a process of subdivision have seen a surge of land sales even before the residents get title deeds.


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